Tuesday, June 17, 2014

swim lessons

We got another year of swimming lessons in the books last week.  Micah was in the level 3 class, Connor was in the level 2 class with Isabella and William, and Logan got his first experience with water babies.  For me it is not just enough that they learn not to drown.  I really want our boys to know how to really swim with the correct strokes, breathing, etc.  It's just a great life skill to have and is amazing exercise!

My parents had to handle swimming lessons the first two days while we were in Charleston and did a fabulous job.  My mom did the water babies class with Logan and endured his constant screaming on day 1.  By day 2 they made a toy frog "pee" and he decided it was ok and by day 3 with me he was awesome and perfect and the on the go mad man he usually is.

Micah did a fabulous job in his first year in level 3.  He wasn't confident in his elementary back stroke so he didn't get to pass on but he's been practicing every time we get in the pool.  This was Connor's first year in level 2 which means it was his first year in the "deep end".  He was a rockstar and so brave.  He mastered his finning and kicking on his back but still needs to get a little more confident when his face is in the water.

Can't wait to try out all the new skills at the beach next week!

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