Friday, March 20, 2015

phone pic friday

Here are a couple of weeks worth...

Connor has been building original Lego creations so he can get his picture in Lego Magazine.  
This one is a dog.

This is his lion.

Logan asks everyday if we can play on  Counting meatballs is his favorite.

Zach got home from a 4 day trip with his brothers and two brothers in law for Joel's bachelor party.  He brought me Utah to add to my collection.

Logan, Connor and I took a trip to Lowes and I bought lots of stuff for the craft market that I am a vendor in.  Now I just need a lot of pretty days to get all the painting done!

Spring means baseball season which means lots of early dinners or dinner at the ballfield.

My friend Megan gave me one of her Texas plates.  24 and counting!!

I've had some difficult parenting moments with this cutie the last few weeks so we were in desperate need of some good times.  We had a little treat yo'self afternoon at the japanese steakhouse and Old Navy.

Last weekend we had a fundraising dinner and auction for our team's trip to Romania.  Logan won a chocolate cake.  That same chocolate cake is half gone and in the freezer because I have ZERO will power when it comes to chocolate and am pretty much the reason half of it went missing.

Captain America was so kind to come and help sand some jars for the craft market.

This is Connor's last "gumball".  He passed his last set of sight words and has graduated to AR tests.  Such an exciting day!

Zach spent Tuesday evening with some guy friends checking out some stuff at our almost house and then moving an organ for a friend.  I spent the evening watching a good ol chick flick and painting chalkboards.  It was St. Patrick's Day after all :)

Sometimes rest time turns into snuggle time.  My baby is losing his babyness.

Carline napping while listening to All Sons and Daughters.  Works everytime.

The day was too beautiful not to be outside so during Micah's piano lesson we played outside at his teacher's house.

This one takes some explaining.  Friday is my day to sleep in but Zach had to work until about 2am this morning so I graciously said I'd do the usual pre school activities except because Friday is my day to sleep in my alarm wasn't set.  I woke up at 6:47 which is 13 minutes before we usually leave for school.  I was so proud that we were up, dressed, breakfasts in hand and out the door with no drama in less than 20 minutes.  Then this happened.  Ugh.  When the cop got to my window I just looked and said you'll have to tell me what I did because I have no clue.  Apparently there was a pesky stop sign I forgot to stop at.  He thankfully just gave me a warning after 10 minutes of sitting while ALL the school traffic raced beside me.  Connor made sure to remind me when I was coming up to the next stop sign that I needed to stop.  We were still on time to school though!!

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