Monday, March 16, 2015

quick trip

The weekend before last the boys and I took a quick trip to see my family in Alabama.  Zach, his two brothers, and two of our brother in laws took an awesome guy trip to Utah as a pseudo bachelor "party" for his youngest brother who is getting married in May.  I figured this was the perfect opportunity for the boys to see their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and the perfect opportunity for some help for me while Zach was gone!

It had been awhile since we just went for a weekend instead of during a school break and it went by so quickly.  We were outside almost all day Saturday because it was gorgeous!  My brother Tim played 500 with the athletic ones and I taught all the older ones how to play our new favorite board game.  There was also your standard, eating, snacking, talking, swing pushing and cat napping.  The last part of the day was a family birthday dinner for my sweet and sassy niece Kayden  

 My boys were most looking forward to seeing our sweet Daisy Mae who went to live with my parents last Thanksgiving.  She is our precious 14 year old golden retriever and the dog friends and the doggy door they have gave her a way better standard of living for her remaining life.  We miss her but know it's a better situation.

All of us were sad to go but looking forward to some visits from them up to our home in Georgia!

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