Thursday, November 19, 2015


My babiest of babes turned four on Sunday.  This is the first year he has really been invested in the concept that his birthday was coming up and as a big fan of celebrating birthdays it made me smile.  However, the more into it he is the less celebration I get because, lest you forget, this bundle entered the world on my own birthday thus stealing my thunder forever.  

The day was full of his favorites meaning food and Star Wars.  He started the day with waffles and a Star Wars balloon and then got to open his presents consisting of a Star Destroyer, action figures, Kylo Ren lightsaber, Finn blaster gun and a ship.  They all kept him occupied all morning before heading to church.  At church he was gifted a Bobo Fett costume which meant a trip to the bathroom to don said outfit that didn't come off until bedtime.   

We didn't have a traditional party for him this year because life has been a bit busy the last few months and low key sounded like a dream.  Since the majority of the children Logan would want to have at a party go to our community group, we treated everyone to pizza and cake after our meeting Sunday night.  An extra hour with some of our favorite people is never a hardship and everyone enjoyed the treats.  

I even got to remember it was my birthday for a bit when my sweet friend Dara Lynn surprised me with a delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cheese cake complete with my own candle and happy birthday serenade.

Our birthday evening ended with measuring Logan who has grown three inches since last birthday and is the exact same height as Connor on his 4th birthday.  Then per tradition we watched home videos of the birthday boy and belly laughed for half an hour at the logi bear's antics.  This boy is a bigger nut than I remembered!  Bless his crazy heart!

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