Friday, November 20, 2015

phone pic friday

I taught Micah and Connor how to play Monopoly.  I see many epic games in our future.

On a rare sunny day Connor, Logan, and I hung out at a church playground while Micah did piano lessons.  This was my chauffeur,  he's a cute one.

Logan celebrated the sunny day by skydiving off the helicopter.  Part of me was super scared he was actually going to dive!

There is a HUGE Camellia bush in our yard.  It has been blooming for weeks and has tons of buds left on it.  They are gorgeously pure white petals and have come into my home to sit on the counter several times.

Stephanie and I have been friends for 5+ years according to facebook but never had we ever taken a picture with just the two of us.  Technically her precious Addie crashed this photo but still a success!

One of my birthday gifts from Zach was the new Mitford book.  I've read the entire series countless times.  I love them!  The new one was no different.  Come Rain or Come Shine was such a welcome escape for a few days.

A bucket of crayons and a new coloring book brings joy (and quiet!)

Breaking in my cute Piranda shoes.  100% of the proceeds goes straight back to the Piranda ministry that Belief in Motion started.  Bringing love. hope. dignity.  to the gypsy women in Romania.

We are grateful.

4 year old check up

That resulted in a feverish boy with a belly ache.  Bless the Logi Bear's heart :(

Micah had a Greek Festival at school today to end his unit on Ancient Greece.  Such a studly philosopher.

After 8 hours on the couch, 4 movies, a 2 hour nap, a bottle of gatorade and a sleeve of 'sick crackers' this one's smile came back, even if his fever didn't go away.

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