Saturday, November 14, 2015


My brain doesn't stop.  I know that's an obvious since I'm still alive and breathing and writing and parenting and all the other things, but thought wise my brain doesn't stop.  It's like an on going tunnel of introspection with a bright light that twists and turns and doubles back in past, present and future experiences and plans.  Even when I'm still and quiet and focused on a specific task or the task of focusing on nothing, which is one of the hardest things to accomplish, I can feel the light still traveling at high speed figuring things out on its own that hopefully it will tell me about later, or on occasion sort through and figure without my conscience input that will just come to be without explanation.

Then the day comes where someone who loves you asks you how your week was or your community group leader presents the inevitable question of what God has been doing in your life and the sheer volume of information you could spew at those moments about what is really going on constantly in your mind would occupy everyone's time and listening capacity for the month.  This is just one more reason to add to the list of why I own 8 notebooks each for a specific.  Writing it all helps process out the finish line information from the journeying information and the rabbit trails information that really just served to amuse you or distract you along the way.

Yet, sharing is vital to community.  Opening your heart and struggles and victories and thoughts brings you closer by putting others at ease about their own ongoing thought tunnels, sparking ideas in ways that you can't on your own, and sets both what to do and not to do examples so that transparency reigns and Christ is seen through you instead of your humanity taking the spotlight. In these moments you have to trust that God is presenting you and whoever the other set of ears belongs to the opportunity to hear and be heard, to listen to the words no matter how many, so that they can know you better and so that they can see God working in another of the millions of ways that He does.

Today is a tell lots of words day.  There is something huge and new happening in our lives yet also small and currently nonexistent.  It is the dawn of a glorious and complicated road yet a slow and faithful trek on a desire to listen, obey and display the simplicity of the Gospel.  Not because we are in some way holier, better qualified, super Christians but because we were lost and are now found and those who believe the gospel will become like the gospel and when you have been given much you want to give much even when, especially when, the only qualification you have to do so is Christ in you.

Over a year ago I mentioned a desire that Zach and I both had to grow our family through adoption.  The only step we have taken in the last year is to not forget that we both mentioned it and casually mention needing to go to a conference or something to get a bulk of information that on our own would take lots of time and sanity, both we seem to run short of constantly.  A year ago we put one on the calendar so we wouldn't forget.   A month ago we registered for it and booked babysitters.  Then last week we went.  We attended the together for adoption conference In Durham and spent two days sitting and listening as people spoke Truth to our hearts.  Truth that this weekend was being applied to the reason we attended, but also Truth that can be applied to every believer in every facet of their faith because that's what Truth does.  It speaks to you, where you are, and where you are being led no matter who or what is at the end of the road.

It would be impossible for me to share every ounce that I got out of our weekend.  Partly because of the time and listening capacity I mentioned earlier and partly because I don't even fully comprehend when and how God is going to use all of the words we heard in our lives.  However, as I'm pouring over the pages and pages of notes, that filled the chosen notebook that came with me on the trip I do want to share a few highlights that if I were a tweeter would have possibly been tweeted and hashtagged and sent out to the ones of followers that I would have.

I pray as you read these short quips and quotes and scriptures that you will be able to take their Truth and apply it to your own course of adoption, parenting, working, moving, transition, struggle, questions and the other millions of situations in which we need to see light and shine light.  I also ask that you pray.  For us yes because we have no idea what we are doing but for yourself and every other believer around you that we would all know and see God and let the Holy Spirit have control of the paths that we take.

The theme of the conference was simple.  Simple steps that together make huge strides, as long as you keep walking.  I pray all these words will encourage you for the next step.

*True religion is not just visiting widows and orphans in their time of need.  True religion is three things.  1. bridling your tongue 2. visiting widows and orphans and 3.  keeping yourself unstained from the world.  Doing one of these things without the other two leaves your faith incomplete as a believer and can damage your effect on the other ones.

*labeling someone an orphan can be a hurtful word that they spend years trying to overcome.  In Hebrew orphan=alone.  Christ has alleviated the label from all of us.  

*There is both pain of loss and blessing of gain in adoption.  Allow both to be understood and felt.

*I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear with those who are evil, but have tested those who call themselves apostles and are not.  
I know you are enduring patiently and bearing up for my name's sake, and you have not grown weary. have abandoned the love you had at first.  Remember therefore from where you have fallen, repent and do works you did at first.  Revelation 2:2-5

*The church should be a people who live life together on a mission.

*Be motivated by good theology.  Theology shapes your biography. ~Tony Merida

*We don't have bibles so that we can have bible studies.  We have bibles so we can do what it says.  ~Tony Merida

*The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. ~C.S. Lewis

*Read Deuteronomy 24:19.  Two things we try to keep for ourselves are time and money. But neither are ours.  He tells us that our leftovers shall be given to the sojourners, to the fatherless.  Leave margins that could be used for others.

 *Pray.  Pray.  Pray.  

*Our job is not figuring out what to do next, our job is being obedient when He tells us what to do.  ~Brandon Hatmaker

*Suffering happens because of brokenness but being Christ followers is why we stay in the suffering instead of running away. ~Brandon Hatmaker

*If its not bigger than what you think you can do it is probably not what He's calling you to.

*The great commission is given to every Christian as soon as they become a believer.  The call to leverage their life for Christ.  The question is only where and how.

*Two ways to be wicked. 1. egregiously violate the laws of God. 2. let fear keep you from following Jesus where you're called to go.

*Not everything that comes from heaven has your name on it.  Don't do everything.  Just do something.

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  1. That is really awesome that you guys are moving forward with this. I hope to adopt some day as well. Glad you gleaned so much form the conference.


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