Monday, November 2, 2015

halloweening in oxford

This is by far the worst group of pictures I've ever had for Halloween.   We failed completely for the first time ever in getting a picture of the boys or our whole family all dressed up.  However, it was one of the most fun ones we've ever had so I guess it evens out.  Just for prosperity's sake, Logan was Anakin Skywalker, Connor was Lloyo (from Ninjago) and Micah was Calvin (and Hobbes).  I got the brilliant idea that Zach and I could be scarecrows after I saw my niece all dolled up as one but at the last minute Zach decided he didn't want to the make up on so he was just the farmer.  

Since it's our first Halloween in Oxford we wanted to check out the trick or treating scene here.  One of our neighbors who has three boys exactly our boys ages hatched a plan involving a hayride around the neighborhood carrying our cute little trick or treaters and then a Great Pumpkin movie screening with popcorn and apple cider at his place.  Zach volunteered to rustle up a hayride, all we asked is that we could invite friends :)

We had some of our best buds come over for the traditional chili and mummy dog meal and then we all headed out.  As far as candy goes, there were actually not a ton of houses participating.  The majority of people have lived here for practically forever which means they are much much older and don't have any kids at home any longer.  However, we, parents and kiddos, had a fun time riding, walking, chatting and snacking and this mama wasn't too disappointed that their bags weren't overflowing and not one of the kids seemed to be disappointed which is always a win in my book.

It was a great ending to October and a lovely welcome into November!  Bring on the turkey :)

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