Tuesday, April 5, 2016

easter basket hunt

When two people married their individual traditions intersect and mash up and become new with the sweet traces of old.

I love watching Zach hide the boys' Easter baskets because I can think about when his mom and dad did it for him and I love watching the boys scurry around the house hunting for then because I think about little Zach doing the same thing.

Our new home opens itself up to some much more fun hiding places although we did have to move over because apparently Zach had hidden a bucket behind the brown chair ever year!  

When their buckets are found they are filled with a few favorite items individually picked for that person, a tradition from my family, and then at the top is a book or Bible meant to point them towards the Lord and grow their hearts in a new way, a tradition we started on our own.  

This year Micah received The Case for Grace: for Kids, Connor got The Action Bible, and Logan got two Psalty Kid's Praise Albums which we have all already listened to no less than five times each and have initiated several really good conversations in the car. 

Happy heart indeed.

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