Monday, April 4, 2016

logan's egg hunt

Logan learned a valuable lesson at house preschool egg hunt.  Not life giving wisdom, but definitely solid egg hunting strategy... Do not open the eggs to check out the candy in that middle of the hunt!

He came to me in tears with just six eggs in his bucket after looking at the overflowing buckets of his friends.  I had tried to tell him to open them later as I saw everyone around him scurrying while he pried one open and showed me the treat inside.

Yes, I did the right parenting move and didn't let him wallow and pitch a fit, made sure to remind him that we are thankful for whatever we are given, and reprimanded his desire to steal all the eggs from someone else's basket; I also gave him tips for the next time around because to a for year old boy those are just survival skills and our huntc with friends a few days later proved that he listened!

PS Guess who the only child wearing that basket as a hat was!?

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