Saturday, April 9, 2016

mystery room

Micah and Connor are each a part of the Quest program at their school which is what they call their gifted program.  One day a week they go to a separate class with other kids in their grade level and learn latin vocabulary and do more hands on and deeper study into a theme.  This year the theme they are studying is forensic science and within this theme they cover all the basic subjects.  As a fun field trip they were able to go to the Mystery Room to use all of the deductive reasoning skills they have been learning.  I went with Connor on Monday and Zach went with Micah on Thursday.

The Mystery Room is just as it sounds.  A team of people are "locked" in a room and must solve a mystery in 45 minutes to escape.  These rooms are not meant for a group of first graders to be able to solve on their own so it was up to me and one of their Quest teachers to figure out the clues and then gently lead them in solving each clue on their own.  It has been awhile since I have felt that stupid.  Staring in the face of a woman your age while you both are completely clueless while trying not to act completely clueless because 8 first graders are looking up to you is a helpless and humbling feeling.  After getting a jump start from the employees and overthinking more than a little bit we were able to save the Professor and diffuse the bomb in the appropriate amount of time! 

Micah and Zach weren't as lucky.  They were placed in the second to hardest room with the Superheroes mystery.  The day I went their were 4th graders and numerous parents in the room who weren't able to get through it so the fact that the 3rd graders were only one lock away is still pretty impressive.  

Solved or not this was quite an out of the box field trip that we both loved getting to be a part of!

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