Monday, April 18, 2016

cousin zoo day

Logan and I had a great time taking my sister in law Jessica and her four kiddos to the zoo with us a couple weeks ago.  It was supposed to rain all day but it ended up being a perfect zoo day with clouds and a breeze.  The rain finally came while we were on the playground at the end of our visit so it was easy to get the kids to leave without much of a fuss.  Rain for the win!

Highlights of this visit were...
*Seeing all three lion brothers and the tiger-they were all off display last time we went
*really really active gorillas!
*baby orangutans climbing everywhere
*great grownup conversation-which is never to be underestimated!
*cousins to share it all with
*letting Logan pee (inconspicuously) in the parking lot- He found it hilariously fantastic and mama was not walking all the way back to the gate, showing my membership card, and going in the bathroom for a boy.  

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