Wednesday, April 20, 2016

seeing family

During Spring Break we drove down to south Alabama to see my family.  We hadn't seen my siblings since before Christmas so a visit was quite overdue.  As always it was a fun few days with lots of togetherness!

The road next to my parents' house was closed down as they reconstructed it.  We spent a good bit of time watching all the trucks and workers.  Logan and Connor played with some trucks in the dirt as well.  Any chance to play in the dirt is taken advantage of by boy people.

I love that no matter how much time has passed my boys and my nieces jump right in together and play.  Logan and Abby are two peas in a pod and had fun while we watched Haley's softball game.

My brother coaches my oldest niece's, his daughter's, softball team.  

Because I don't get to see them often and because I don't get to hang out with little girls very much I went on two dates one day.  For breakfast Haley and Keelie and I went to Panera and I barely got two words in as they spilled all the beans about all the things.

For lunch Kayden and Abby and I went to McDonalds while I listened to them lovingly argue about all the things.

Because Zach and I had a trip planned for just the two of us to fly out west and go hike in Zion National Park we left the boys there for an extra few days.  I never have to worry that their every whim will not be taken care of which is totally fine as long as they remember that mama and daddy do say no occasionally when they get back home!

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