Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 goals

The beginning of January always calls for planning and I love planning :) On the way home from our Christmas in Enterprise Zach and I talked through some of our individual and joint goals for this year. A blog I read suggested dividing them into categories and again since I LOVE planning AND organization I thought it was a great idea :) The five categories are spiritual, relational, financial, professional and physical. While you never know what a year holds it's great to have a place to start and a goal to keep you focused and intentional with your time, money, etc. I'm sure things might be added or taken off depending on what comes our way but here are my goals for this year.

Sarah’s Goals for 2011

* continue daily bible reading and prayer time
* begin day earlier than the boys to spend my quiet times
* read at least 6 spiritual grown books
* make a list of the spiritual disciplines and concentrate on one per month
* make goals for Children’s Church and accomplish them

* earlier bedtime
* eat healthier (less Dr. P and other sugars)
* regular exercise (try for 3 times per week)
* get pregnant and have a healthy weight gain
* skin care regiment to get ready for turning 30!
* be diligent with taking vitamins

* strict grocery budget
* patient with spending $$ on wants
* pay off car and student loans
* better filing system

Professional/Home life
* keep up cleaning schedule and weekly goals list
* refurbish piano and train table
* try 3 new recipes per month
* work on Micah’s writing letters and numbers and computer skills
* work on Connor’s colors and shapes
* spend less time on facebook , blogs and email
* read at least 6 fun books

* more special dates with Zach
* monthly hangout with Matt and Leslie
* keep up weekly goals list
* develop a closer relationship with (not going to share the names on here)
* concentrate on words of the year Give and Take
* listen more to others words and advice. Ask for it also.
* reach out to the needs of others small or large
* learn to make meaningful, friendly small talk
* specific prayers for others and myself

** Last year I chose a word of the year and will be doing the same again this year. The words I feel being placed on my heart are Give and Take. I'm going to have two this year since they definitely work together. I'll be sharing about it soon.


  1. i like the getting pregnant goal. you make beautiful (and i've never met them, but i am sure sweet) children! all of your goals are great!

  2. Love this - Lee and I are going to sit down Sunday and do this. I too love your pregnant goal...y'all make such pretty babies! I think that will be my goal for later this year or early next year. ;)

  3. Ok. So of course my favorite goal of yours for 2011 is #2 in relational. But I did crack up at gaining a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy. Just remember you can't control swelling. Love ya. Can't wait to meet baby girl May!