Monday, January 31, 2011

quick tip

This stuff is AMAZING!!! Micah gets horribly chapped lips and surrounding area during the winter. Seriously, Stephanie asked him the other day if he'd been eating chocolate because the scab under his bottom lip was so bad. The problem was that I (or a certain 20 month old who grabs everything and puts it anywhere) had lost this handy dandy little swivel stick. I bought it as a hopeful cure a few months ago and it worked so well I was shocked. I bought a new one today at Target and let Micah put on his "face medicine" before nap. If it's not healed by the time he wakes up I will be surprised :) It also works great for their dry red chapped cheeks. My poor boys have the driest skin!! Please pity them for a minute.

Ok you can stop now :-)


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that stuff! Good to know its at Target - because for a chapstick addict like me I need to know where to get my goods :) You have such sweet boys - dry skin or not!

  2. Landon gets it too. If it doesn't help, you can get the presciption for Desonate....that's what they gave Landon and it works really well too! :)

  3. So glad to know. Braden has had severe dry skin this year- really bad. We have been using the triple paste skin cream- not the tushy stuff. It has worked really well.