Friday, September 16, 2011

baby book

I purchased a baby book for baby brother a.k.a baby boy #3 a.k.a we can't tell you cause it's a surprise.

I am slightly obsessed with memory keeping. You might have noticed this if you paid attention because I blog and scrapbook and baby book it all. I scrapbook so my kids can see real pictures of what we and they did plus I like the artistic part, I blog because my family and friends can't see the scrapbooks and there are other day to day things that pop up that aren't worth their own page and I baby book so I can look back and compare my kids plus I really liked looking back at my own baby book with Micah so I could see how similar the two of us were when I was a new mama. Recently I read this post that made me feel much better about my memory keeping OCD :)

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