Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my little crafter

If I would take the time to stop and make a list I could find numerous ways how Micah and Connor are like Zach and numerous ways how they are like me. This is actually a cool idea...hmmmm...

Anyway one way I know Micah is like me is he is a crafting/coloring/art making machine!! He goes through phases (as all us crafty types do) of not only what he likes to make but of how often. He is on a binge right now and has been coloring, drawing, gluing, stickering and cutting up a storm in his room and in the kitchen. He has a jar in his room full of random stuff I've collected like pompoms, clips, stickers, pop sickle sticks, etc. The idea is from the art jars that many stores sell except that they are way more expensive then the actual stuff is separately. I used an old container from some animals Connor got for Christmas and just began throwing stuff in occasionally. The jar is almost empty! The past two days has been a flurry of creativity. He has mostly been working on book marks. They are not for him either. He has a specific person he makes each one for and I have been enlisted to pass them out. He's also made a toy robot, a picture frame, poster, patch, watch, wrist band, mario costume, a psp and ds and a variety of other things. I love that he can and will make anything that pops into his head!!

(this is the bin on his desk where all his creations are collected.
It is OVERFLOWING right now!)


  1. That is the cutest thing ever. I had no idea Micah was so crafty!

  2. Look at Micah! Just like his Mama! Braden's collection is overflowing and we are trying to work with him on keeping only some of his work and parting with the other stuff...any ideas? :)