Wednesday, September 7, 2011

robin of christian woods

Micah has become quite fond of Robin Hood the last week or so and has really gotten into pretend play aspect of it. Micah likes to be Skippy. He's the rabbit at the beginning of the movie who has his birthday money stolen by the mean old sheriff and then gets a new bow and hat from Robin Hood himself. He and Zach 'play' Robin Hood every night and act out that whole scene. It's beyond adorably cute.

This weekend Zach made Micah a Robin Hood hat out of paper and then a bow and arrow set out of sticks and a kite string. That bow could seriously make those arrows fly. Micah was pretty good at it! Zach even made a 'target' for Micah to shoot at. Look closely at the pictures to find out who that bad guy was ;) It is so much fun watching his mind work to try to really connect to things he sees and watches!


  1. Aw.... I remember making bows and arrows with Zach! It's actually kinda strange to think about!

  2. PLEASE tell me you've recorded those acting sessions between Zach and Micah! I so want to see them! And I want to be there when Micah is 16 and we re-watch them in front of the whole fam.