Sunday, November 20, 2011

Logan Zachary May

Well we've definitely been busy the last few days :)  Our sweet 3rd son, Logan Zachary May, was born on my (now our) birthday.  Tuesday, November 15, 2011.  He was our 'runt' at 8 lb 7oz and 20 inches long.  He is beautiful and looks exactly like his brothers!  What a handsome threesome they will be one day!  I will share all the news, story, name decision, etc soon but for now here are some pictures of our day.



 (and seriously I feel like some sort of robot with all this mess attached to me!)

He's here :)  

brand new baby boy

8 lbs 6.6 oz.  They rounded him up to 8 lb 7 oz

meeting his big brothers

micah drew a picture of our family :)

Connor showing off Micah's picture.  On the left side you can see Zach.  Our one and only brunette.

3rd time parents

Nana and Mimi with Logan

Proud big brother #1

Proud big brother #2

Papa and his 3 grandsons

Our attempt at our first family of 5 picture

Micah is already loving him!

My (crazy) men!

Seriously the cutest!

We had a few extra visitors on our first night in the hospital.
Logan with Morgan Pye
She's actually known the May family since their Columbus days and now goes to church with us!

Logan with Leslie

Logan with Nana and Poppy

Logan and Aunt Beka

Logan and Nehnie
We only had to stay in the hospital for one night!  WOO HOO!!!  We were discharged at 8 pm on the 16th and took our baby boy home!

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