Wednesday, November 30, 2011

two weeks later

It's been two weeks since our family grew by one and it has flown!  Micah and Connor spent the first 6 days at my parents so that we could recuperate and get to know our little Logan man.  Then my parents brought them up and stayed the next 6 days to help out and celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  This just means that technically I am only on the 3rd day of being in charge of all three of them on a daily basis.  It's quite amazing how something so little can I have such a drastic impact on your day to day life.  It's also amazing how much I am able to block out from the first two experiences.  Lack of sleep, days full of non stop caretaking, and the inability to go run the simplest errand are just a few things my brain is adjusting to.  Thankfully it hasn't taken me long to remember these things, just need more time to adjust back to them!!  I've mentally prepared myself that the next 3-6 months are going to require some flexibility on my part when it comes to household things that three weeks ago were easy to fit into the daily routine.  Just pre planning the fact that things aren't going to get done has already helped immensely.  This way if Zach or I are able to get even the smallest thing done it feels like a HUGE accomplishment :)  I sure wish it hadn't taken me until child number 3 to figure this all out!  This is not to say I won't have a 'this house is a wreck and I never have time to get anything done' freak out occasionally but acceptance is the first step right!?  In the meantime all 4 of us are loving cuddling with our new baby boy/brother and doing pretty well with all the hiccups that come your way when a newborn enters your life!

p.s. could all of you please remind me of everything I just said in two + weeks when my mental preparedness could potentially fly out the window ;)

Now on to adorable pictures of my sweet Logan! 


  1. congrats!! :) dont forget little moments for yourself once in a while.

  2. You might want to find a "twelve step plan" for dealing with #3! I will always remember the little old dutch lady that told me "if you can handle 3, you can handle any number!"