Monday, November 21, 2011

Logan's Story

Logan’s Story

                Whether or not to have a 3rd child was never a question in our hearts.  We knew we were doing it, we just were waiting until we felt the time was best for our family.  We waited a few months longer than we did before trying for a 2nd child because of semi selfish reasons.  I really wanted to get through the summer with Micah and Connor without having a newborn.  They were both at such fun ages that we both wanted to have an easier summer with them before we shook up their world with a baby.
                After two months we found out in March that we were expecting our 3rd sweet bundle.  I knew exactly what date to watch for and ended up taking a pregnancy test three days before that and ended up with a positive result.  It was such a different feeling this time.  There weren’t many nerves as with the first because it’s all brand new or the second because wow there’s going to be more than one.  This time it was more like, alright let’s do this!  My pregnancy was way easier than the first two times around.  I was exhausted for only a couple weeks.  The worst of the sickness was gone by week 10 and while it popped up occasionally the whole time it was so rare that it didn’t bother me a bit.  I gained 10 less pounds this time around and passed my glucose test the first time without having to do the 3 hour test.  Looking back I wonder if God designed the rest of it to be ‘easier’ because he knew one part of it was going to be difficult for me.
                The hardest part of the pregnancy happened at 20 weeks.  We had two precious boys and in my heart of hearts I wanted a sweet girl to add to the mix.  I wanted the opportunity to be the mommy of a girl, to share in all the different aspects that would come along.  I tried to prepare myself to be ok if it were a boy and thought I had until the ultrasound.  The moment she told me it was a boy I had the reaction that I soo did not want to have…I cried.  I was not sad it was a boy because I knew I would love him unconditionally and think he was the cutest, sweetest, most handsome thing just like his brothers.  I was sad that all the scenarios that come along with a girl suddenly were dashed and my heart didn’t know how to handle it.  It took some serious prayer time and trust in God’s always perfect plan to get used to the idea and even in the next months situations would pop up that would send my brain back to square one and my heart asking God for complete joy.  He brought me that joy and then some throughout the rest of the pregnancy.
                My due date was set for November 16, the day after my 30th birthday, and I hoped hoped hoped he would come before that so that I could still be in my 20s when he was born.  The only thing I didn’t want was for him to be born on my birthday.  Glad I had my plan all straight so that when it happened completely OPPOSITE of that I was given a big reminder of God is in control and not me.  I woke up several times Tuesday which just happened to be the morning of my 30th birthday.  By 4:30 very mild contractions had started but they were very frequent at 5 minutes apart.  When Zach’s alarm went off at 5:30 I told him what was going on and that he might not want to drive into Atlanta.  I’m pretty sure he was ok with that because he went back to sleep immediately.  I tried to sleep a little but gave up by 6:30 and went to take a shower because if this was ‘it’ I atleast wanted to be clean before I went!  Zach woke up, fixed me a birthday breakfast, and helped me get the boys ready for school.  I was STRUGGLING.  The contractions were still coming every 5 minutes and getting more intense but I was trying to not let it show too much because the first time I closed my eyes and made a face during one of them Micah got really nervous!  I had already called my parents, Stephanie and Leslie to let them know what was going on and that I was planning to call the doctor’s office as soon as they opened.  By the time Zach was leaving to take the boys to preschool the contractions were really strong and still coming 5 minutes apart so I let him know I wanted to go to the hospital as soon as he got back!!  We finished packing the rest of our stuff, dropped the boys’ car seats off with Steph and headed to the hospital.
                I went to triage so they could monitor my contractions but due to an emergency it took over an hour for them to check for any progress.  I was at 4 cm before they even moved me into a real room.  From then they moved quickly to start an IV, get the fluid going, and watch the INSANELY BORING epidural video so that I could get my epidural as soon as possible.  By 1:30 the anesthesiologist came and hooked me up  J  The next 2 hours were quite nice as I was pain free.  Zach and I sat and talked and waited for our family to get there, hoping it was it time to meet him.  Some point they had to start pitocin because my contractions had died down a bit but it didn’t take long to get them going again.  Unfortunately around 3:15 I got a hot spot which basically means there was a part that the epidural was no longer reaching.  They tried getting me to lie on my side but it was not working so Zach asked them to call back the anesthesiologist.  The nurse came in and checked me before she called and then let me know that I was at a 9-10 and informed me she knew a sure fire way to get the pain to stop.  I was not excited about her way!  Regardless of my feelings, it was time.  Dr. Cowthorn came in and the pushing process started.  It took all of about 5 minutes.  Crazy!  When they laid that sweet boy on my chest my heart burst.  He was PRECIOUS!!  We were both shocked to see he looked exactly like his two big brothers.  He had the same sweet nose and lips and same beautiful blonde hair.  I sat staring at him the whole time they were weighing him and cleaning him up and thinking how amazing it will be to raise my three boys.  Knowing in that moment that God of course knows what is perfect for me and whether or not I ever have a daughter, my heart is unbelievable full and blessed to have three precious boys that I pray will grow to become amazing men of God just like their daddy!
                Zach went to the waiting room and got Micah, Connor, my parents, his mom, Leslie and Stephanie who were all anxiously awaiting to meet and learn the name of our 3rd son.  Micah had done such a great job keeping the secret the whole time and we wanted him to be the one to share it.  He got a little shy though so it was up to me.  I started my sentence this is Logan and stopped.  I couldn’t say his middle name without crying so I had to gain some composure before I finished.  This is Logan Zachary May.  His brothers, while nervous during the visit, didn’t take long to become completely infatuated with him.  I have to say the best part of the day was watching Micah and Connor hold their brother, knowing this was just the beginning of a brotherhood and friendship that will last their whole lives! 

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  1. Such a beautiful story! We're so thankful for Logan and the rest of his sweet family :)