Friday, August 3, 2012


Our son is clutch.  After an anxiety filled emotional open house Wednesday night I was expecting first day drama today.  However, my little boy strutted in with a smile on his face barely said goodbye and got straight to work.  When the time comes for the real deal apparently it is game on!

We started our morning much earlier than any other EVER.  I woke Micah up and his first words were "is it time!?"  his second were "I'm still a little bit tired."  He fueled up with a fried egg and toast which was amusing because he's never had that for breakfast ever but it was his pick.  After a little driveway photo session we headed out.

I made him give me a hug in the parking lot because I was pretty sure this embarrased of PDA boy wasn't going to give me one inside and I was right.  Zach videotaped his walk from the car to the classroom and I'll probably cry when I watch.  I didn't cry at school and I only teared up a little in the car.  As hard as it is to realize time goes by fast and your baby turns into a big boy before you're ready, I am so excited for this new adventure.  School provides a whole new realm of learning, creativity and friendships and I think he's going to be awesome at it!

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