Thursday, June 20, 2013

afternoon in greenville

Last Saturday we made a quick trip to Greenville to visit this cutie almost big sister and her parents.  Katie is due while we will be in Romania and Zach wanted to do maternity pictures for her just like he'd done when she was pregnant with Elodie.  I couldn't bare the thought of little sister feeling slighted ;)

We spent the afternoon catching up and then went downtown to walk along the river for a bit.  The boys loved wading in the river and running through the fountains.  We will DEFINITELY be going back for a more extended visit.  That is a cool city!


Before we went back to the house for dinner, Zach took M and C on the suspension bridge over the river.  I opted out because suspension bridges creep me out.  I like stationary!

The plan was to eat dinner and then I would watch all the kids while Zach, Katie and Jered did pictures.  Then Logan fell off a chair and hit his head on the corner of the wall.  Plans got pushed back a bit as we calmed him down, sent pictures to friends who knew whether he needed stitches or not, went to CVS for butterfly bandages and got him patched up. 

The event affected him for a total of two minutes.  He was very pitiful initially but as soon as I had him cleaned up and let him play with my hair all was good.  We ended up having to stop by and get the name brand butterfly bandaids because he kept ripping off the store brand ones.

Bless his sweet heart!

 After the drama, they were still able to go out and get some pictures and they turned out beautiful as always :)

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