Tuesday, June 4, 2013


May was an emotional one.  Looking back during the month of May...

* God turned a rainy yard sale into a huge fundraiser

* a closing church used their left over savings to cover all the members of our mission team to go to Romania at the end of June

* Connor turned 4 which just means all babies aren't going to be babies anymore.

* One of my best friends lost part of her finger in an accident

*  Micah finished his first year of school and his teacher gave him such a big hug and said such sweet words on the last day that I started crying in the classroom.

* We found a house and found renters for our house after a 4 year wait.

* Attended a wonderfully sweet and spiritual wedding ceremony and had such a great night with friends.  One of those where you just sit back and smile.

* Found out that Zach's cousins 10 month old son had leukemia

All together it can turn your world up and down, back and forth, and cause so many emotions from excitement to fear to guilt to sadness to just knowing you have no control and being thankful that your hope, my hope, is in something huge and constant and immovable.

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