Tuesday, June 18, 2013

finger painting

I decided to introduce the boys to fingerpainting  yesterday.  Micah and Connor had probably done it before, maybe but I don't remember.  I water color with the two of them a  lot even at Logan's age but Micah wasn't fond of getting his hands dirty and Connor was too fond of getting his hands dirty to do much fingerpainting.  

The good news is all three of them loved it and didn't destroy the place too much.  Logan was tentative at first but ended up going crazy and only put it in his mouth once.  SUCCESS!!  

They were  making Father's Day cards for Papa (my dad) and Poppy (Zach's dad).  I spelled out their names in painter's tape for C and L so when it was peeled off their names were in white. Micah wanted do his own thing and made a colorful one for Papa and a dark reddish with a Georgia G for Poppy.

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