Tuesday, June 4, 2013

moving day and madame blueberry

Last Saturday was moving day.  It actually happened.  Like for real.  I think I'm still trying to convince myself that I live in a different house now.

Anyway, last Saturday was moving day and it was long and exhausting and overwhelming and full of hard work and questions and messes and awesomely strong friends and helpful parents and plenty of cold snacks and five or so pizzas.  It took a few hours and next summer when we hopefully are moving into our own home we might have to convince a new crop of people to drag the washer and dryer down the stairs but it's done and done.

Now I'm just having to deal with the repercussions of my apparent madame blueberry counterpart.  I mean seriously there is just stuff...everywhere.  Where did all this stuff come from and where was it hiding in my little home. 

 It's been quite cleansing for me the last couple days as I unpack and attempt to cutify our rental. Since I 'know' we will be moving (hopefully) in about a year I am trying to stick to the necessities and then only adding enough to be cute hence the cutifying and those things are only ones that I really love and/or bring up happy memories.  

I've already got two huge boxes to donate and/or giveaway to friends and I'm sure more will be added as I sort through it all.  

In the meantime I am just grateful.  Grateful for friends who love us enough to spend a day just to help.  Grateful for two sets of parents who love us enough to drive and sweat and work and watch kids. Grateful to my husband for just getting it all done.  Grateful to God who is perfect in all things and continues to show me my own strengths and weaknesses in His way through the ordinaries of life, like moving.

Their last night in their first home.

Woo Hoo!! Back that thang up!

Part of our moving crew.  Just add Jan and Bruce Keel, Leslie Cardoza and me...of course :)

Taking a break to cuddle with a sick logi bear and get photobombed by two crazy brothers.

Playing with boxes.

It was a jail.

He got out eventually.

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