Thursday, June 20, 2013

father's day

We had a great Father's Day on Sunday.  I made Zach breakfast and we all got to sit down and eat together    which pretty much never happens at breakfast time.  Then the boys shared the cards that had made for him.  I did an interview with Connor and let Micah answer the questions on his own about Zach.  They both had great answers and on the question Daddy makes me laugh by...they both said "by doing arm poots"

My traditional gifts for Zach didn't happen this year for a few reasons but he did get Mountain Dew Kick Starts and a six pack of Diet Mountain Dew.  He will also be buying a new smoker that's a bit of an upgrade from his last one.  The boys and I tried to go buy it but it was HUGE and wouldn't fit in the van with us very comfortably so we just took a picture of it. :)

So thankful for this man of mine!

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