Wednesday, June 19, 2013

swimming lessons

Micah and Connor had their third year of swimming lessons last week.  Connor was in level 1 and Micah was in level 2.  Each of them did really well and passed on to their next levels!!  To pass level 2 Micah had to jump off the diving board and swim all the way across the pool on his back and front.  He was sooo excited that he did it and even let me take a picture of him with his level completed card.  For him to take a voluntary picture is huge right now!

Micah's favorite part besides jumping off the diving board, was the penny hunt that they always do on Friday.  He has finally figured out how to dive under and get something off the bottom.  He brought ten pennies to throw in and got to take home 12 that he got from the bottom of the pool.  

This was the first year that Connor didn't cry at all so that was awesome.  Whenever his teachers told him good job after his turn he would respond "yep cause I know how to swim."  Mercy sakes that child!

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