Monday, October 21, 2013

festival on the square

After attending one Fall Festival on Friday night we went to the one on The Square in Covington Saturday afternoon.  Only this time younger brother was there with us!  He came up for the weekend to visit after at least a full year of me hounding him constantly.  Determination pays off!

We got there at the perfect time.  It was very over cast and sprinkling a little off and on but mainly it was during the Georgia game so not many other people had ventured out!  We started at the inflatables until we were told it cost $7 a person to play on them.  Considering that that is more than going to the bouncy place we passed!  There were some crafty booths that I got some great ideas from.  M & C both found a bracelet they wanted and then got their faces painted with an orange circle with a navy AU inside.

We also petted a cow and goat, threw beanbags into a jack o' lantern and ghost, and ate boiled peanuts.  The most fun was The Bubble Man.  We spent a good 30 minutes watching kids including Micah and Connor chase down his HUGE bubbles.  Logan didn't do much bubbling but right next to those, RYSA had set up a little soccer circle and he kicked and kicked and kicked.

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