Monday, October 14, 2013

visiting enterprise

Last week was Fall Break which means we went the whole week without an alarm clock.  That's my kind of week!  We had the perfect week of busy enough to not get bored and relaxed enough to not feel to busy.  It was exactly what we needed!

The first weekend we spent with my family in Enterprise.  The weekend consisted of eating, playing and watching football.  So pretty much what almost every other SEC family was doing.  I also got in some quality shopping time with my sister AND got to drive my brother in law's jeep!!!  

The kids woke up RIDICULOUSLY early each morning and in Central Time it seemed even earlier.  Thankfully my parents get up insanely early as well so we just shoveled them into the living room to them and went back to bed until a normal hour, like 7:30.  

Good times were had by all!

Watching the EHS marching band online during their game against Northview

Breakfast at Cupcakes Y'all

The little bitty cousins

2nd generation Turkey skin eaters

My sis and me on her birthday

Got to go on a morning run together!

During our picnic lunch we ran into this helicopter that does filming for different movies, TV shows and sporting events

We passed it again on the interstate

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