Wednesday, October 2, 2013

zoo friends

 Last Friday was an absolutely GORGEOUS day!  I spent the majority of it at the zoo with Sarah, Natalie and Jonathan.  It's the first time we'd gone to the zoo together since last fall.  They moved away last fall and then adopted their second child so life has been pretty full for them!

Natalie and Connor have always had an amusing relationship that is a good mix between acting incredibly insane together and arguing.  They picked up right where they left off but thankfully it was pretty much only the first part instead of the second :)  Jonathan and Logan just followed along for the ride with Logan being his normal self but on good behavior.  

Highlights this trip were
*seeing the Zebra and Giraffe Up close close close and personal
*hearing the lion roar
*watching two gorillas get in an argument (a little pushing and shoving)
*Logan deciding the naked mole rats were the best thing ever (which was a lowlight for me because those things are G.R.O.S.S!!!)

It was such a fun time!

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