Friday, October 18, 2013

red and black

Zach's family are Georgia fans, BIG Georgia fans, and while Zach switched over to our beloved Tigers during college the rest are still just big ol' Dawgs.  We still love them thought.  Mostly.

We are very closely related to Hairy Dog this season and he happened to be walking around pregame tailgate and the Dawg Walk this past Saturday in Athens.  We left our house at 7 am and headed to Athens to see him.  We even somewhat dressed the part in our color scheme though there was not a Georgia G anywhere to be seen.  It was such a fun time hanging out with the family, eating some YUMMY breakfast tailgate food and seeing Hairy

playing red light green light

I think this might have been a yellow light

Three of the four original May ladies

Loving our family

Micah couldn't help bringing an extra accessory along

But neither could I :)

As much fun as it was it just made me miss Auburn.  Some of my best memories are in that little city on that gorgeous campus :)

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