Saturday, November 2, 2013

diy jerseys

While "real" baseball jersey are definitely awesome they are also insanely expensive!  I took the boys to Target and they picked out Braves shirts from the clearance section that were made with that dri fit type fabric so they were more jersey like.  Those plus 40% off iron on numbers and letters from Hobby Lobby finished them off.  I did have to buy baseball pants and a belt for Connor since he hasn't played baseball yet but I know he will so I just got a jump start on something he would already need anyway.

If you are ever making jerseys an hour before trick or treating and going so quickly that you spell Freddie's name Ferddie instead just soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and let it sit on the iron on letter and it will peel right off using some tweezers or good fingernails.  You know just in case you ever run into a problem like that.

Ta Da!  Freddie Freeman!

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