Monday, November 4, 2013

ncts fall festival

Saturday was the fall festival at Micah's school.  The boys had a really fun time even if it was a bit/very windy!

Connor won some cupcakes from the sweet walk.

Micah played a few rounds of ga ga ball

There was a giant human hamster ball

Every once and awhile they would line up a group of kids and let the ball run over them.  Micah thought it was awesome.

Connor in the hamster ball

Micah in the hamster ball

He knocked them all over!!  I didn't get a picture because Logan was in my lap trying to eat something not edible.

Then we played a little Lacrosse

There was also some fishing, obstacle course running, beach ball hockey and a walk through the spooky hall.

My personal favorite was the raffle because I WON!!!!  I won a pampered parent basket which included a gift certificate for an hour long massage, a manicure, hair highlights (which I'll be regifting), a super comfy robe and slippers, some great bath stuff and a few other things!! Happy early birthday to me!

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  1. Man! That was just what I was getting you for your birthday! I love Micah, the lone white haired kid getting run over! Reminded me of his mother, the lone white haired kid in the hospital nursery!