Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Logan's birthday celebrations

Year two of birthday sharing was a success!  Logan and I woke up on our birthday and snuggled in bed watching Curious George while we waited for Zach and Connor to get home from taking Micah to school.

  We spent the morning playing and I opened my presents before we went to get Micah and head to Chickfila for Logan's birthday lunch (it was early release day).  After "chickalay" we went to coops a.k.a Scoops for ice cream and then Zach took the boys home for rest time while I got a free (from a raffle basket at NCTS) birthday massage!!  woo hoo!

Logan napped the whole time I was gone and then some.  After naps he got to open his presents.  He got his own Curious George stuffed animal and two new Curious George books.  

His big present was a toddler sized trampoline to help get those energies out during cold not going outside wintery days.  He is a big fan.  So are his brothers.

All our boys love Curious George and we've never had a Curious George party so on Saturday we met some friends at the park for a little play time with our favorite monkey.  It was in the morning and a bit overcast but that was perfect because we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.  There was lots of running, throwing, drawing and snacking.  Then there was a loooonnnnngggg nap!  

Happy Birthday Logan!!

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