Saturday, November 2, 2013

halloween with freddie freemans

Our fun trick or treating tradition continued again this year with The Cardozas.  We've been hanging out all together on Halloween for all of Micah's life pretty much.  It's so fun looking back on all the kids costumes.  Sigh, how are we already to the point where we are looking back on fond memories of babies.

  Micah and Connor wanted to dress up like Braves baseball players and ended up both picking Freddie Freeman.  We found clearnance "jerseys" at Target and fixed them up.  (more on that later).  I had thought about making Logan Wreck It Ralph but decided to just stick with our usual family theme since he had no opinion on the matter.  Logan wore his Jason Heyward shirt and brought his tomahawk, Zach wore his old Maddux jersey and about 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave I took one of Zach's undershirts and made it look like a baseball.  Nothing like a deadline to spark creativity!

The Cardozas have a fun trick or treating neighborhood.  There's fun participation from the neighbors but not enough to where there are droves of people everywhere.  One of the houses had a sound system outside playing creepy music and screens in the windows with scary eyeballs staring at you.  

Another fun Halloween night.

Just for fun a blast from the past.  Zach and I met 12 years ago on Halloween.  This is us Halloween 2003.  I'm Avril Lavigne and he's a golfer.  Yeah....

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