Friday, November 15, 2013

He's 2

Happiest of Birthdays to my sweet, precious, cuddly and now 2 year old Logan.

The term "broke the mold" definitely pertains to the wild child who is The Logi Bear.  He has not only learned how to attempt to do everything his big brothers did and do but has also attempted everything they never tried to do.  

Some of his other successes include...

* naming many songs within the first few notes and singing them at the top of his lungs.  Always, One Thing Remains, White Flag, and Jesus Son of God are some of his favs.  As you can tell he has a bit of a Christ Tomlin/Passion obsession.
* counting to ten and sometimes higher depending on his mood 
*  one to one correspondent counting
*  throwing, kicking and anything else you can do to a ball including hitting your brothers in the head with it

Some of his favorite things are...

*  playing with his hair and playing with my hair
*  Curious George
*  Thomas the Train
*  running
*  milk
*  Veggie Tales
*  riding his scooter
*  playing with dried beans (not as weird as it sounds)
*  going to the park
*  playing with friends
* Other Zach, Donovon, Grace, Morgan, Ryan, Matt and William.  He asks for or about each of them.  and FYI only one of these people is a child.  He is all about hanging out with the adults.
*  Reilly and Ransley (babysitters extraordinaire)
*  anything you have or are eating 
*  being outside
*  singing
* noni cheese
*  cheese quesadillas dipped in strawberry applesauce
*  Owlie, Blue Bear, Tigger, Nana Blanket and Elephant Blanket
*  taking a bath
*  jumping
*  playing drums
*  following/annoying his big brothers
 and just being an overall nut!

Logan has added a dimension of craziness to our family and we all love him dearly!

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  1. 1. He and his Uncle Tim have a lot in common as children.
    2. The scariest pic is of Logan on the bed with no shirt on. That is hilarious!
    3. He is kind of built like Little Bear...