Tuesday, November 12, 2013

new blanket

I bribed my oldest baby boy with a snack from the 
QT gas station to go to a yard sale that a friend had driven by.  There were hints of antique furniture and that was enough to get me going.  We walked around for a bit.  They had some great tables which I didn't need but I found two large baskets to use as hampers and an old cabinet door to paint for my Christmas mantle maybe. 

 However the treasure find of the day goes to that precious boy who had to be bribed to go in the first place.   Piled on top of an old chair was a crocheted afghan that he just HAD to have.  For $3 we took this thing home, I threw it in the washing machine IMMEDIATELY and by that night he was snuggled up with his new granny blanket and has slept with it every night and has brought it down to breakfast every morning.

My baby boy will be 7 in 3 months and he reads like a maniac and picks apart pieces of music just like his daddy and keeps getting taller no matter what I do and moments like this where I can see that the child is still fully present makes my heart happy.

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