Thursday, December 19, 2013

behold the lamb of god

 After Connor's performance and party on Thursday Zach and I left our babies at the house with Grace and Donovon and headed up to Nashville with our friends the Ames (aka Other Zach and Lisa) for the Behold the Lamb of God concert at the Ryman.  

We think this is our 5th year going to the concert there and it is always amazing and this year might have been one of my favorites.  There was not one song I didn't really love during the in the round part at the beginning and there were two specifically that touched  my heart completely.  Unfortunately neither one have been recorded yet but I'm hoping I can at least track down the lyrics.  

Sitting with Zach listening to the story of the coming of Christ in one of the most beautiful ways told brought tears to my eyes many a time!

In other, non spiritual, information about the trip, we went to Noshville which is our favorite breakfast place before we left on Friday and I was peer pressured into stealing two pickle ornaments that at some point must have been used for decoration but were lying on a window sill.  So yeah...I'm a thief...

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