Tuesday, December 17, 2013

christmas countdown day 1-5

A friend recently asked me about the Christmas traditions we do in our home and this is what I shared with her...

For the fun side I made advent countdown boxes a few years ago.  Each morning one of the boys gets to open the next box and inside is a piece of candy for each of them and a slip of paper that tells an activity.  The activities include all the regular traditional things we do every year plus a few  new ones as I find stuff online or hear from other friends.  This way I can get everything done that we want but but in a special way and at a slower and organized pace.

Examples of the daily activities:  pick out a Christmas tree and decorate it, get out the nativity playset, go see Christmas lights, make out your Christmas list, watch a Christmas movie (this is usually in a few different boxes because I LOVE watching movies all together), read our Christmas books, make cards, bake cookies, go to the parade,play the gingerbread game (this is one of our favorites, it's on my pinterest board), go see the lights on the Square, make hot chocolate, pick out or make an ornament, buy presents for mommy, buy presents for daddy, etc.

If there are any parties planned or if we are exchanging gifts with friends that is always what I put in the box for the day so then I don't have to come up with something else too.  I always put the slip in the night before so I can judge the activity by the busyness of the day or the tiredness of the mama.  When Logan was a baby there was lots of coloring and movie watching, but then last year there were more outings.

Here are the first five days of our May Family Advent Activities

Day 1:  Pick out and decorate the Christmas tree


Micah and Connor got creative with the tree in their room.  Seriously though we took that off and put on their other ornaments but it was funny while it lasted!


Day 2:  Read Nativity stories and get out our Little People Nativity Set

Day 3:  Make "homemade" hot chocolate mix.  

We're using this as part of our gift to friends.

Day 4:  Cheerio Birdfeeders

Day 5:  Play in the "snow"

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  1. You're such a fun mama! Also, I spy a pretty yellow and white blanket on the chair next to the tree :-) Also, did you get a new rug? Also, your boys are so cute and awesome.