Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas countdown 16-20

Day 16:  Marshmallow Sculptures. 

This was a great activity that we can do well into teenage years.  Hopefully one day they'll get past the make a marshmallow snowman and stab him to death with toothpicks stage but seriously who am I kidding, they're boys.

Logan built birthday cakes and kept singing Happy Birthday God and Me over and over

Day 17:  See the big Christmas tree on the Square

After walking around and seeing the lights Zach and the boys played Monster which just means they ran around while he chased them.  It's an awesome game.

Day 18:  Behold the Lamb of God with Micah and Connor

Zach and I have seen the show 8 times previously and for time number 9 we went to Passion City Church in Atlanta with Micah and Connor.  The show hasn't been anywhere near Atlanta in years so this was a great thing!  All of Zach's family except for Katie and Jered came as well and most of them hadn't seen the show either.  They all loved it.  Connor slept through the first part where the artists sing in a round but he was awake for the whole BTLOG part and loved it.  Micah didn't blink because he was staring at the drummers the WHOLE time.  So exciting to share this with our boys!


Day 19:  Shopping for Daddy and picking out their Christmas ornaments for the year.  Logan picked Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Connor picked Ewoks and Micah wanted a football player which they didn't have.  Thankfully Mama gave me one for Christmas so I traded him for a Reese Christmas Tree.  

Day 20:  Christmas Lights at Mr. Trawick's 

We were at my parents' Friday so we all piled in the cars and headed to Mr. Trawick's to see the lights.  He has a huge drive thru light display through his yard and his neighbors.  I have been going since forever and it gets bigger every year.  The only downside is he's a huge Bama fan and always puts ROLL TIDE in HUGE letters on his roof.  He also puts the score if they win but there wasn't a score this year!!

I had a vice grip on Logan the whole time as he was hanging out the window yelling at the people in my sister's car in front of us and my brother's car behind us.

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