Tuesday, December 24, 2013

decked out halls

Every year my talented photographer husband goes around the house taking pictures of my Christmas decorations and making them look way better than they really are.  It is one of my favorite things though because well I love to decorate and I love Christmas and I love my husband and his pictures.  It just all goes together.

Real Life:  1)  I did not get out a lot of stuff this year because I was just tired and wanted it to be simpler so there is lots that is packed up in boxes sitting in my garage getting in the way of my car door.

2)  There is not a close up of the tree is because it is pretty much dead.  For some reason it will not drink any water therefore it is so dry that the branches are literally shriveling up.  Because of this at least 4 ornaments have just fallen off the tree at random times and broken, one of which was a wedding present.

Anyway, enjoy the beauty of (im)perfection ;-)

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