Thursday, December 19, 2013

connor's christmas program

Last Thursday Connor had his Christmas program at Preschool.  It was his first ever in front of people performance and he did so good.  He sang the whole time, did all the motions and had his sweet, shy, proud smile on his face the whole time. 

 All the girls were angels and the boys were either shepherds or animals but they didn't get to pick in his words "you just get a costume and you have to put it on and not have a fit"  He got to be a shepherd which made him super happy because he DID NOT want to be an animal.  I think it was because they had to wear an animal on their head but I can't be sure.

They sang a song about baby Jesus, a song about watching for Jesus coming, Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Then we went to a pizza party.  Logan actually sat through the entire performance quietly looking for Connor up front and  waiting to go to Connor's pizza party.