Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2nd and K

Micah and Connor started their first day of school last Friday! 

 It was the best first day Micah has ever had meaning there was no nervous emotional breakdown the night before.  He has a lot of friends in his class and has grown in confidence so much the last year.  Sometimes a little too much but that's a different post ;-)

Connor did fantastic!!  He was so excited and proud to going to school.  So much so that I actually didn't shed a tear, only beamed.  Of course I had bawled my eyes out about it the weekend before but still no tears on his first day of Kindergarten was quite the accomplishment.  

Logan has thoroughly enjoyed his brothers being gone.  His first order of business when we got home Friday morning after dropping them off was to go in their room and play with all the toys they won't let him touch.

We're on day 3 of school today and while they are none too thrilled when I wake them up, there are still big smiles when I pick them up in the afternoon.  177 Days to go!

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