Friday, August 8, 2014

adventures in Norcross

Logan and I went to Norcross's historic downtown shopping area to meet Zach for lunch and to buy some chalk paint for a couple projects for me and for a friend. 

What I learned that I kind of already knew...

Logan is basically a really smart nut that thrives on time with his mama and loves exploring new places.  Though this can be said for all three of my boys.

He is also really good at convincing sales people to give him free things.  He scored two chocolates at two different stores.

Being alone with Logan during the day just reminds me of being alone with Micah during the day and can very frequently invoke teary eyes and smiles.

I love my husband and meeting him for lunch makes me feel quite grown up and sophisticated.

I have a slight obsession with window shopping in cool places.

Chalk paint and painting furniture is most definitely in my top 5 list of favorite things.

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