Monday, August 25, 2014

things they say

C while watching fievel goes West: wait,  that is a house?  A teapot is a house?

L: mommy I not a big boy I little I can't be a big boy cause I not big

M after Nana said something was tasty:  Everything is tasty because everything has a taste.

L:  After I be a grown up can I drink grown up lemonade (aka the mike's he sees me drink sometimes)

M: Daddy there's a really big spider downstairs
Z: Then go kill it
M: But do you know how big it is!?

M: So what is Pluto called now
Me: ummmm its a dwarf something but I'm not sure.
C: Well why don't you just cask and ask those guys?
Me: What guys?
C: You know the 5,4,3,2,1 guys!

C: Can we get a special drink at the store too?
Me: (totally kidding) No you can never get anything special again!
M: Well we already have something special.
Me: (again totally kidding) Me!?
M: well yeah
Insert me trying not to cry.   Sweet words from my biggest baby!

Deb: Are Micah and Connor your best friends?
L: No they're mean friends cause they put me in jail.

Listening to Micah or Connor convince logan of something in order to maintain the peace.  Much like trying to make sure Bruce Banner doesn't get upset.

L: But I are big to do dat

Connor: High fly ball deep left field and its a Slam Gram!!

L:  Daddy get me some unge (orange) juice.
Z:  Get you some orange juice what?
L:  unge juice (confused)
Z:  Orange juice what?
L:  It's unge juice.  Its unge. (very confused)
Z:  Orange juice what?
L:  It's a DRINK Daddy!!
Z:  But what do you say?
L:  Daddy can you get me some unge juice pwease?

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