Monday, August 11, 2014

ridgehaven reunion

 I can't believe I haven't posted about our reunion from this summer so I am making amends right now and doing it!

The last two years we have gone to Ridgehaven for a weekend to have a reunion with Zach's mom's family. aka the lee side of the family.  aka the Mays, Guthmanns, Rutters and Robarts.

It is always a fantasticly fun time with lots of outdoor games, obstacle courses, swimming/playing in the lake, mud wrestling, hiking, eating, chatting and singing.  It's also jam packed with people and very loud!  There were over 40 of us this year.  

There are so many amazing girls/women in this family who I love and am not only related to (through marriage obviously) but have also count as some of my dearest friends.  That can not be said for all people with their family and believe I know it and am very thankful for it!

Here is just a taste of the times we had together...

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