Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Last Friday night I took a personal retreat at a bed and breakfast nearby in Madison, GA.  It was something I had been wanting to do for awhile but had been becoming more of a need!  I could just feel myself getting closer and closer to losing it.  Does that make sense to anyone else?  You know when you start to get upset about things that aren't that big of a deal, or when way too often you're having to count to ten before you talk or the idea of getting in a car and driving away for a few hours is a daily occurrence.  This was not at all a reflection against my husband or children or anyone else!  They are wonderful imperfect people and I love immensely.  This was all me!

The point of my getaway wasn't just to runaway and be by myself.  It was to be by myself for the purpose of praying, reading, journaling, resting and most of all listening.  Morning and/or evening study or quiet times are great and needed but in your own home you are distracted by soo much whether it's children, technology, dirty floors, unorganized closets and whatever else glares at you.  

When you go somewhere where there's no one to talk to and nothing else to do but sit it's much easier for your thoughts to come to the surface and for God to reach you in those thoughts.  He's always there but sometimes we're just not allowing ourselves to be available to Him.

This is something Zach and I have said we are going to make a yearly habit for each of us and I would seriously encourage everyone I know to try it just once.  I'll admit, my husband was amazing to find such a place for me to go, but anywhere alone will do as long as it's away from those things that will distract you most.  It also doesn't have to be overnight for those who don't like to be alone at night.  I am one of those people but thankfully my visions of Madison Murderers didn't come true because I woke up safe and sound! 
Seriously think about it and talk about it with someone if you need help finding somewhere to go or getting your babes taken care of.  Just do it! Go sit and listen!  

You will not regret it!


  1. So awesome that you got to do that! Yay for intentional, focused, uninterrupted alone (with Jesus) time!

  2. Love this! Too bad I didn't know you were so close (we are here) -- I would have dropped you off lunch or a snack! :)

    1. You popped into my mind a time or two!


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