Tuesday, July 28, 2015

First timers

Micah and Connor had their first overnight camp experience this summer at Camp Westminster in Conyers, GA.  They were really excited to go and I was just as nervous to watch them go.  Our only overnights have been with grandparents or close friends so this was a brand new thing that mama wasn't sure if she was ready for.  But, a good friend from church is the facilities director there and two wonderful teens from our church were counselors and I was assured that many eyes would check in on them.  My best friend's kiddos were also going the same time so they already had built in buddies just in case.

We dropped them off on Wednesday for a half week of First Timer's camp with their bags all packed and labeled and notes to open each day and left them there in the hands of others and a cabin full of loud and crazy boys which was a giant exercise in Faith.  

After we dropped them off Zach and I headed to Auburn to meet my parents because if the big boys weren't going to be at home it would be helpful to my giant list of to dos if the Logi Bear wasn't there either.  He spent the next four days with my parents and I spent the next four days unpacking, cleaning, decorating, watching old movies and going on dinner dates with my husband.  

We reach had a great time at our perspective places and I was very excited about getting my babies back.  However I was also very excited about getting the opportunity to miss them in the first place!

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