Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Tuesday is a favorite among the week because on our visits we get to meet with and minister to women and their families who live on at the base of a mountain.  It's also the day my husband gets the song Climb Every Mountain and stuck in my head and also the day he reminds me that the hills ARE indeed alive with the sound of music.  However it's also the day we get doughnuts and this day we got lots of them and I mean LOTS!

I don't want it to seem as if the gluttonous Americans only love today because lovely old ladies bake us tasty treats, it's loved because as we desire to meet the needs of others with gifts and the gospel their desire is equally as strong to host and welcome and love.  Two different hands and two different feet from two different countries sharing their Jesus with each other.   

Our rainy day started with a slippery and muddy walk up the mountain to Florica's.  Second time I've been to her house, second time it's been rainy, slippery, muddy and cold.  I'm not complaining but I am sensing a pattern.  During non mission trip season, Aaron makes this trip to bring care packages, food packages, and a time of worship through the word.  Our visits bring those things, plus worship through song and questions that show that there are Christians on the other side of the world who love them dearly, pray for them and are inspired by their faith and strength and even if they feel alone they never are.  Our trip to Florica's ended with delicious doughnuts that even if you didn't want would be handed to you anyway with a smile and a laugh and the promise that your hands will never be empty.

My personal favorite parts of Tuesdays in Topa are the two families we visit at the foot of Florica's mountain.  

One of them is a mom and grandmother who provide for and love her three children despite the danger that comes whenever their father happens to show up in their home.  These are two strong women who care for three precious children who show every stereotype of their father's abuse yet show the peace that only comes from the love and care of the women God has given them.  The grandmother also makes doughnuts that are insanely delicious and my favorite though I would never tell Florica ;-)

The other is a mom, and husband whom I've never met but have only heard good things about, and their six, I think, children.  The children are beautiful and playful and everything that appears when you are known and loved but the mama stole my heart when she stole the soccer ball from her son during a game the last time we came and they both started laughing.  She loves with goodness and grace, firmness and fun and if we spoke the same language and lived anywhere in each other's vicinity, I would beg her to be my friend and plan playdates constantly.  She is a rockstar Romanian mama and I have every confidence her children will rise up and call her blessed.

Our last stop of the day required a walk through a field to visit the home of Floritza and her husband.  He is the epitome of a cute old European man and she is a precious soul who touched the hearts of many of last years group.  She was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago and while that may or may not be what is ailing her, she is constantly in pain, but despite the toll it took on her body she lovingly prepared doughnuts and while our stomachs were not ready for round three not one person would have denied the sacrificial hospitality of this sister in Christ.  

We spent quite some time asking questions, listening to stories of corrupt doctors who won't give straight answers without hefty bribes, giving words of encouragement and singing songs about suffering and a Christ who overcame it all.  Tears flowed and I once again was reminded of my suffering and how even though it is difficult so much good comes from it all.  Sorrow may come for a night but joy WILL come in the morning.

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