Wednesday, July 29, 2015

swimming lessons

It really felt like the summer didn't start until the end of June.  Preparing for our move and planning and taking our trip took up lots of time and energy no matter how much I vowed it would not.  Apparently I am not in control of such things, or anything.  I had even originally planned to host swimming lessons the week after our move but Jess's daughter had caught a virus that was going around the camp that she and her husband work with so after pushing it back a couple days we had to reschedule.

Moving into a house with a pool has been a blessing I never planned for.  Initially I was expecting constant feelings of anxiety of drowning fears but they were quickly replaced with lots of fun and an escape from the hot and humid Georgia summers with only mild feelings of anxiety and drowning fears.  Which is why swimming lessons are a must!  Especially for Logan whose daredevilness makes him think he is invincible.  He wears his puddle jumpers when he's in the water because he's not tall enough to touch but starting actual swimming skills is a must for him.  Micah and Connor can both 'swim' technically but I really want them to learn proper strokes, treading water skills so they also took lessons.

The really fun thing was that since the lessons were in my backyard and the teacher was a friend we opened it up to other friends and their kids which meant every day for a week my boys got a playdate and I got adult interaction, a definite must for long summer days!

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